They Love Icahsahaja

October 7, 2012

i'm back


Hye readers! *ade ke? haha*
First of all~ Sorry for long time no update.. :(
Tapi selalu je bersih-bersih kan.. Cuma tak update je.
Why ha?
Terlalu banyak yang perlu diselesaikan~
and now everything is settle which me n him is getting back together after a month separated.. :(

Yes true..
I really can't live without him..
So why am I getting back with him after trying to throwing him away from my life??
the answer is "BECAUSE I AM SO LUCKY!"
huhu.. I love him with all my heart.. 
this is so true rather than saying "i dun love him" which full of lies.. 
and yes we are promising each other to get married...! 

Yep! With that promise its just like we're already engage right.. 
My pre-engagement ring from him yesterday~
I feel like crying when he propose me last night with this cute ring~  T.T 
Thank you my dear... ♥♥♥



Lina KamarusZ said...

untung nyer awakkkkk....huhuhu

Lina KamarusZ said...

untungnyer awak!!congratzz ;)

Lina KamarusZ said...

untungnyer awak ;)