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October 7, 2012

Cake in Jar~ kawaii! ♥


Have you ever heard "..Cake in Jar.." ?
If no, just ask uncle Google yah! :)
Here I brought someone who can provide you with that cute "Cake in Jar"..
Its my sister's...

You can buy it for yourself..
Minimum 10 jars with RM 10 each..
You also can buy it as present or door gift for weeding or any event as you wish..
Same rate minimum 10 jars with RM 10 each..
Anything email her at for orders..
and with pleasure please do visit her blog here msemilbakencraft..
There are other kind of cakes and dessert plus crafts..

Rainbow Cake in Jar

Tiramisu Cake in Jar

Chocolate Moist Cake with Ganache and Marshmallow  in Jar

Anyway yesterday she open a booth at SOHO KL Mount Kiara with her business partner and yes Alhamdulillah all of her jars are sold.
Which mean her cakes so delicious!
So why don't you out there give a try~ :D
and don't forget to often visit her blog for more information where she at for weekend with her cakes~
weee~ thanks yaaah!



aReLaN said...

nampak sedap. memang menggoda habis la cake in jar tu.huhu

|cah-sahaJa said...

Sedap sangat tak tipu punya~ try la beli arelan..