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June 26, 2012

Setia City Mall


Today we went to Setia City Mall (SCM), yeah again... But this time, not for shopping because I didn't have any dream about my becoming new shoes last night. huhu.. T.T
We went there for a movie. Almaklumlah GSC baru la katakan. Nak jugak try. Ok fine! Bapak la besar cinema hall dia.. *pengsan!*. Ok dah bangun.. hik2..For the first we planned to watch "
Madagascar 3" but the showtime is too late 9.45p.m.. Then we change the plan and watch "Abraham Lincoln Vampire Hunter". Seriously, 10 out of 10. The effect 10.. sound 10.. action 10.. Its not a waste. 'my dear can we watch abraham again..? pleasee.. ' hehe.. 
Then after the movie we went for a walk at SCM garden or maybe a park. It was really nice place. Full with light and like a garden yang terapung because there are water everywhere.. ngeh3.. I called it a fairy tale garden. Something like that la. hehe.. but yes, SCM garden or park is so beautiful. I really Love it! Rugi rasanya tak bawak DSLR. Malam nak amik gamba dengan fon tak jelas sangat. Tapi, nasib baik dia bawak tab dia. dapat la jugak nak snap2 sket even tak berapa nk jelas.. After main kejar2 ngan si dia kat taman tu *aksi2 romantik la plak kan.. hahaha* we went back into the SCM and shop for my mama's new blouse. hope she will like it. nebes tetibe. haha.. oke lah penat dah merepek ni kunk melalut ntah ape2.. anyway enjoy the picca.. :)

cooL movie.. :D

after the movie. From inside the SCM.. nice huh?
View dari dekat. I wait for the red colour to snap. hehe..
Part of the garden. beautiful right??
Light is everywhere has made this SCM look beautiful
For mama.. :)

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