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September 27, 2011

The Power of Six

Petang tadi aku telah berjaya merembat novel yang aku tunggu-tunggu ni kat kedai Popular Tesco Manjung.
Here is it..

"The Power of Six"
Why am I willing to buy this book? This book is the sequel to "I am Number Four" which I admire so much. Why? Because I am also number four.. :) The power of SIX, I have six siblings. :) Seriously, I am Number Four is superb story! I love it. :) Anyway, I have not read The Power of Six yet. I'll read it after I finish my final exam. Arghhh!! can't wait! huhu. Right now I feel like that book is calling for me to be read. haha. Hope the story is superb like I am Number Four or more superb! hehe :p

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