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June 25, 2012

Setia City Mall

At last! My dream came true when he bring me to the new mall at setia alam. It is Setia City Mall. What i can say about this mall is. WOW!
One of his words tadi..

He: Ha.. ha.. rambang mata la tu..
Me: heee~

Almaklumlah baru buka kan.. so sana sini semua sale. Gila tak rambang mata...! Perempuan kan? hehe..
Kalau dah pergi shopping mall tak beli apa2 tak sah kan?
So, aku rembat sepasang kasut.. heehe
Hep2! nanti dulu.. It wasn't mine la.. Untuk si dia.. Belated birthday present. :)
oke.. Jom jamah gamba..

This is only the part of it. This mall is quite big.. and i heard people say, this mall is going to be the biggest mall. But don't know biggest in which zone. In front or beside I'm not sure there are more construction which written "Setia City Mall" too. So lets wait and see in future... 

Just now he sms me.. he say he like it. Alhamdulillah.. I'm happy coz he like it.. 

p/s: I said to him, tonight i want to dream about my becoming new shoes. hehe.. Sebabnye tadi rambang mata tak tahu nak beli yang mana.. semua cantik! Ok tata..


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