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June 19, 2014

Hello 2014.. Eh! Ramadhan?


This is my first post after almost a year since my last post.
So I just wanna say Hello 2014! Hi! Apa khabar? How are you?
I'm fine by the way. Hope you guys too.
Too many things happen through all this one year of silence.
Bad, good
Happy, sad
Up, down
Just can't tell everything.
Maybe I will, in the other next-next post.
We got #throwback right? :)
But still its a  MAYBE.
Don't expect to much.
Why? Just don't.

Ramadhan will arrive soon.
So to all muslims out there.
Be prepare. Let's become better than the last Ramadhan.
Always think this may be your last Ramadhan.
Let's together we collect all the reward in Ramadhan.
For the supply later when we met HIM in alam barzakh. In-syaALLAH.


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