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October 14, 2012

The Don't Know What Name Bridge


In Putrajaya there's one bridge that everytime I went to Putrajaya I just can say "canteknya jambatan tu! kat mana ea tu?" then its like that bridge is come from nowhere which no one can ever go there. Some rumor I heard say that bridge is just a something that is build at the center of the lake as a view. Then I ask "so jom la kita tengok..." and still not going.

Luckily, last night for the reason don't know where to spend the night due to the cancel of the early plan with my siblings, my love brought me to Putrajaya after knowing there is nothing at Subang Avenue except for a rolling skate place. Aigoo~

Firstly arrived he brought me to the Taman Warisan to eat a great Roti John that he ever ate. Yes, no doubt the Roti John is very superb. Yummeh! Seriously. Thank you dear. Then he brought me to the dataran putrajaya if i'm not mistaken. Alaa yang depan masjid Putrajaya tu. As always, ramai gila orang. After that, continue our journey to tawaf the Putrajaya and yes as always again I can see that bridge of nowhere. "Dear, cantikkan jambatan tu~" "oke let me bring you there.." After he buat-buat tahu macam mana nak pergi jambatan tu (^.^), tadaaa~ yes we arrived but *sigh* not that nowhere bridge, its the other bridge that I already went there before. Once we drive on that bridge, I can see that nowhere bridge, "You! yang tu yang tu. That bridge is like nowhere. please2..". He drive all the way to that nowhere bridge and guess what. It is a real bridge like so called bridge..!

Then he park the car far a bit from the bridge so that I can see the whole bridge. So sweet of him. I am so excited seriously! haha. The funny thing is we are very excited to wait for the bridge to turn its color to red. Heee~ After the red color came out for a several times we drove to next destination leaving that no more nowhere bridge with a big smile of mine. THANK YOU dear! Finally!

Testing camera while waiting for the red

The red is coming. The red is after white color.

Yeah! Here come the RED! *nice!*



msemilbakencraft said...

haiya...itu jambatan seri wawasan dekat penyambung antara presint 2 ngan 4..bukan nak tanya..huiii!

|cah-sahaJa said...

haha..tu le.. selalu g putrajaya papa x bawak g situ pun.. alih2 g jambatan y nmpk masjid besi tu. hehe. :D