They Love Icahsahaja

December 29, 2011

Hey you agian...!

You the one that I dream about all day
You the one that I think about always
You Are The One So I Make Sure I Behave!
My love is your love, your love is my love

Baby, I love you, I need you here
Give me all the time
Baby we meant to be
You got me, smiling all the time

Cause you know how yo give me that
You know how to pull me back
When I go runnin, runnin
Tryin' to get away from loving ya
You know how to love me hard
I won't lie, I'm falling hard
Yep, I'm falling for ya but there's nothin wrong with that

 -you the one rihana-
I Love You Laaaa


Anonymous said...

hey you there!
dont ever be afraid of dark,
when u are between bright light,
dont u ever feel lonely,
when u are in the crowd...

even if the black turn to white
ill make sure you are mine..
dont ever have the feeling that u are still alone,
coz u are always by my side...
our heart is holding each other tight!


|cah-sahaJa said...


Anonymous said...

from pa hearts to ma... :)