They Love Icahsahaja

June 26, 2010

sigh..!! (T.T)

ya... can you see the image above..? YES..! thats rite. i'm goink back there next weekend.. urgghhh... even x jaoh.. but.. mostly student ckp THAT PLACE==PENJARA..!! [mmg pon] can u imagine it?? its going to be my second year there.. ya.. semester 3.. cabaran semakin meningkat OK.. i need to struggle more than b4 to naik kan balik pointer ak...! hoho.. GAMBATTE ICAH!!! [malasssssnyeee!!] np ni...! hurmm.. actually ak kemabli ke sane tanpe si dia OK..! [sdg menerima keadaan] (T.T)

and i want to take this opportunity to say GOODBYE to my dearest friend SHAHRUL AFFENDY ISHAK coz he will fly to SARAWAK for his further study at UNIMAS.. huuhuhu.. SHAOI jaohnye... (T.T) neway GOOD LARK u there.. dun forget us here ok? huhu.. bak kater MIMIE souvenir kitorunk jgn lupe.. hehe.. xP
DHILA juge..! stadee kat ipoh tu bebaek.. ade mse kiter jumpe.. hoho...

and x lupa gak kat MIMIE n APIZ y akan menyambung pelajaran ke DEGREE at UIA n UM.. GUD LARK too!! chaiyok2..!! jgn byk men.. [mcm la ak bgs sgt.. lalala..whatever!] hoho..

to ell, pka, hanah teruskan perjuanagan anda...!! kiter sume BOLEH an! yeahh.! luv ya..!

ONE DAY KITER SUME AKAN HANG OUT TOGETHER....!!! [with all together]

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