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June 8, 2010

Kuala Lumpur Tanah tumpah darahku.. :)

last Thursday me went to KL with nyna and back to Perak with chi-BOB on Monday. The main agenda me went to KL is, PHOTOSHOOTING with my sys(anyah) and
chi-BOB of coz.
first is on Saturday because chi-BOB arrived at KL on Saturday early in the morning..
Siang kitorunk lepaking at The Mines watching “LAGENDA BUDAK SETAN”
*two thumbs up for that movie..
At night me, anyah, chi-BOB n adam(bkn nama sebenar) went to i-City.. hoho. full with people n the place is under construction so messy laaa. but we still enjoy the night.. yeehaa… next day on Sunday. The night we went to Dataran Merdeka n uptown danau kota.. but we hang out sekejap je. coz chi-BOB sakit kaki.. neway still happy.. hoho..
last but not least… wanna thanx to anyah untuk segalanya.. makn, tdoe, jalan2… n thanx too to incik adam(bkn nama sebenar) for the ride.. hoho.. hepy2…

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